Road to the Whitehouse

*Note to all parents: The intent of this project is for students to understand how the candidates running for President ultimately reach the Whitehouse. This project will be completed with the support of the classroom teachers, and the computer teacher. In accordance with the Computer Technology Frameworks Integration this project's overall objective is to integrate social studies and computer technology based on the New York State Elementary Social Studies Learning Standards. This curriculum was written by Alexandra White, a fifth grade teacher and Lesley Kalish, elementary computer specialist at Cantiague Elementary School.

Countdown To The 2008 Presidential Election

Students will be introduced to the project "Countdown To The 2008 Presidential Election" by the classroom teacher. This unit of study will be further enhanced in the computer room to ensure optimum understanding of the Presidential process. Students will be encouraged to read newspaper articles relating to the election, watch televised debates, view campaign advertisements, and log on to their classroom and home computers to visit pre-approved websites.

Classroom Lesson # 1

Computer Lab Lesson # 1 - "Inspiration Web"

  • Students will create an inspiration web using the below listed websites to learn about the Republican and Democratic Candidates.

Classroom Lesson # 2

Classroom Lesson # 3

    • Students will learn about the electoral process and how it works.
    • Students will review past elections when the electoral college has been the deciding factor in determing the outcome of the election.
    • Students will review the Constitutional amendments listed websites.

    Computer Lab Lesson # 2- Excel

    Classroom Lesson # 4

    Students will explore the range of views on the key issues involvced in the November election such as education, envioronment, health care, Iraq, Jobs, and Terrorism. Students will use the website listed below to compare and contrast the Presential Candidates'view.
    Presidential Issues

Computer Lab Lesson # 3- Microsoft Word

  • Using Word students will create a table showing each candidate's stance on four out of the eight key issues.

Classroom Lesson # 5

Students will study the historical impact of television commericials on Presidential campaigns.
Students will study and identify the persuasive decices used in political commercials.

Computer Lesson #4 -

1) Create a candidate promo / ad to present to the class

a. This ad can be done with either Windows Movie Maker, Power Point, or Publisher
b. It should be between a minute and three minutes in length
c. It should include at least one picture of the candidate, and their running mate
d. It should mention one issue and at least 2 reasons to vote for your candidate

2) A speech

a. This should be given in the first person
b. It should be a speech encouraging the public (class) to vote for you
c. Between 1-3 minutes
d. Dressed appropriately for the speech

This speech will be video taped.


Concluding Lessons

  • Students will word process a reflective essay detailing the reasons why they think the candidate of their choice should win.
  • Students will vote in a mock election.


  • Students will understand the election process.
  • Students will understand how the candidates running for President reach the Whitehouse.
  • Students will become familiar with "Inspiration."
  • Students will become familiar with Tables in "Microsoft Word."
  • Students will become familiar with "Excel."